Our Western democracies are in crises: Voter turnout has declined in almost all European states over the last 30 years, while mistrust in politicians and political institutions has sharply increased. Right-wing populist and anti-democratic forces are part of an increasing number of European governments and are receiving all-time high election results in many other states. Notwithstanding national differences and other explanatory factors, these different developments may be subsumed under the phenomenon of political disaffection.

In the project Countering Populism and Political Disaffection we want to assemble and discuss mid-term to long-term strategies against right-wing populism, which take into account the underlying phenomenon of political disaffection in different European contexts. The overarching aim is to provide fresh ideas and stimuli for political decision-makers. To achieve this, we will organise three international and interactive roundtables with distinguished experts in the field as well as key stakeholders and activists from Germany and 10 other EU countries. In addition, key findings will be published online on the dialogue-platform www.countering-populism.eu and in print. In cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Families, Senior Citizens, Women, and Youth as part of the federal programme Demokratie leben!

Current Issues